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Wood pellets are the best way to use wood for heating. We are proud to have converted over 150 buildings to wood pellet central heating, offsetting over 500,000 gallons of oil. Contact us today for a Free Estimate.
EVERGREEN HEAT is committed to providing a quality, low cost, renewable solution to fossil fuel with a high degree of customer support. Our indoor, wood fuel heating equipment can reduce your oil consumption by 75-90%. Our products give you the flexibility to choose between cordwood, pellets, or wood chips. And unlike other companies, we leave your existing oil or gas system in place. So you’ll not only have the freedom to choose your fuel, you’ll also have the freedom to choose your source. With 24 years of experience in the central heating business, we have an extensive background in system design and operation. Our showroom has working units on display, straightforward information on performance and maintenance. And we pride ourselves on a high level of service and support before and after installation. For more information on your heating application visit our Heating System Considerations
Evergreen Heat
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Evergreen Heat is a direct source supplier of biomass, pellet boilers, dual fuel and wood furnaces in
Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Portland.