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Our goal is to provide a quality, low cost, renewable solution to fossil fuel use with a high degree of customer support and we have been very successful.  With a little fueling and cleaning effort, you can reduce your oil consumption by 75-90%  Our heating systems allow you fuel flexibility between cordwood, pellets, chips and  oil/gas to give you freedom to choose your source.

We work with many quality manufacturers and are one of the largest stocking distributers of:

TRAEGER / PINNACLE  central heating equipment and parts with 25 years of manufacturing experience.  These boilers and furnaces are the original pellet/ biomass units and built to last.  Reliable, efficient and safe to run in many applications and available in sizes from 70,000 to 400,000 btu/ hr.  Boilers are ASME stamped and furnaces are stainless steel.

PELLX high efficiency pellet burners and BIOSOL solar/ pellet/ electric tanks for the customer that wants fuel flexibility. These specialized products can be adapted to an existing system to add the convenience of automatic wood pellets. Burners are self-lighting, programmable, self-cleaning and range from 40,000 to 1 million btu for commercial.applications

ECOBOILER advanced design pellet boiler that is U.S.A made provides high efficiency and many programming options. This boiler is our best value and is available with multiple fuel storage bin sizes. The European design has an established history and proven track record.

BENJAMIN combination cordwood and pellet units.  For the customer that wants fuel flexibility, the Pellx burner can be mounted to this rugged  cordwood boiler or furnace for automatic pellet operation.  A combination wood/ oil unit can also be fitted with a pellet burner for TRI -fuel operation as a stand-alone heating plant and complete fuel flexibility.

SKANDEN line of  high quality multi-fuel commercial boiler systems that can use any biomass- such as wet or dry woodchips, wood pellets, grasses, grains and most any aqricultural waste- and modulate at high efficiencies from 50,000 btuh up to  1 million btuh  for commercial and industrial applications.

We work closely with local, licensed contractors in  the heating installation business to ensure a safe, reliable system.  These units must be professionally installed to protect your investment and satisfy insurance companies.  With over twenty years of experience in central heating,  Pinnacle, PellxUSA, Benjamin, Skanden and Evergreen Heat offer the highest quality customer service.  We specialize in efficient, affordable, reliable central heating equipment that is professionally

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Evergreen Heat is a direct source supplier of biomass, pellet boilers, dual fuel and wood furnaces in
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