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Ecoboiler Wood Pellet Boiler

The Ecoboiler is our best wood pellet boiler available with all of the features of popular European systems.  The boiler is made in the U.S.A. and modeled after the best designs. It is A.S.M.E. stamped for quality and safety assurance that not all boilers have.  The water vessel extends down and surrounds the combustion chamber to maximize heat ansfer.  A real quality boiler compared to other boilers on the market.

The burner system is made by Swebo of Sweden and is the most popular and proven design available.  The simple and robust construction gives you the highest efficiency And reliability aswell as ease in cleaning and service.  The burner starts and stops based on temperature and allows you to set different power levels of input based on the time of year.  As a system, the Ecoboiler is the best value to heat your building with using renewable wood pellets and not using fossil fuels.  With low ash softwood pellets, you should be able to do weekly fueling and cleaning cycles with a small but rewarding effort.

The installation of the Ecoboiler by a professional heating contractor will ensure years of reliable central heating  and hot water.  The flue can be between 4” and 8” and requires a good draft.  We install the pellet unit in series with your existing oil/ gas unit so that your heating is primarily done by pellet and automatically switches over to oil/gas when needed.  Having both boilers on allows us to heat a much larger building with the same size pellet boiler and give you a quicker return on investment.  You would still use 100-200 gallons of fossil fuel; in the warm months for hot water and small amounts of heating.

  • Input 35,000 to 80,000 btu/hrEcoboiler Biomass Boiler
  • Efficiency   82+-
  • Power input  120v
  • Size 53”h x 22”w x 44”deep
  • Weight 525 lbs
  • 400 lb bin 26”x26”x48”high
  • 1,000 lb bin 39”x39”x56”high
  • Flue size 4” round
  • Ignitor  480 watt
  • A.S.M.E stamped
  • Safety Listed

Price for boiler,burner,control,auger,bin  $ 7,450.
Add for freight, install, flue and tax

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