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Traeger & Pinnacle Biomass Boilers

Traeger and Pinnacle units have been manufactured for over 25 years and are the original
Pellet/ biomass central heating appliances.  This is our original and top-selling product line with over 130 units supplied and over 300 units running across New England.  Fuel is primarily wood pellets but can burn corn, barley, cherry pits or other biomass.

These boilers and furnaces are built to last and use standard components that are familiar
to heating contractors.  They have a simple, robust design and variable fuel tolerance that gives years of warm winters and low heating costs.  You will offset thousands of gallons of oil/gas and helpour regional economy by fueling and weekly cleaning of these units.

Model GBU 070 Hot Air FurnaceTraeger Pellet Furnace GBU070

  • 70,000 btu/hr      Efficiency  80%
  • This small furnace does a big job and is
  • perfect for an average home.  I have supplied
  • parts to units that are 20+ years old and running.
  • U/L Safety Listed
  • Building  Size    1,500 to 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Size        45”hi x 24”wide x 33”deep
  • Hopper capacity        80-120 lbs
  • Flue size   4”          Power   110 volt
  • Weight  350 lbs     Blower  1,250 cfm
  • Burner/ Chamber – Stainless Steel

Price  $ 4,950 + freight, tax, install

GBU 130 Commercial Biomass Furnace

Model GBU 130 Hot Air Furnace

  • 80,000 or 130,000 btu/hr     Efficiency  80%
  • If you have a large commercial building
  • to heat, this furnace can give you a quick
  • return on investment.  We have 10,000 s.f
  • warehouses with this unit carrying the heat.
  • U / L Safety Listed
  • Building size     4,000 to 8,000 sq ft
  • Size       71”hi x 46”wide x 34”deep
  • Weight                        450 lbs
  • Hopper Capacity    160-240 lbs
  • Flue Size   4”       Power  110 volt
  • Blower Size  1,200 to1,800 cfm
  • Burner/ Chamber – Stainless Steel

Price $ 5,950 + freight, tax, install

PB 150 Hot Water BoilerModel PB 150 Hot Water Boiler

  • 80,000 or 130,000 btu/hr    Efficiency  80%
  • Works in series with your existing boiler
  • to provide heat and hot water for larger homes,
  • mutli-units, churches and commercial buildings.
  • Will offset 75-90% of oil and leave you warmer.
  • Intertek Safety Listed, A.S.M.E. Stamped
  • Building Size      2,000 to 6,000 sq.ft
  • Size             60”hi x 40”wide x 27”deep
  • Weight                       560 lbs
  • Hopper Capacity    160 – 240 lbs
  • Flue Size  4”        Power  110 volt
  • Has Tankless coil, LWCO, Pump, Relief

Price $ 6,950 + freight, tax, install

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